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Excerpt from SWAMP RITES

A raw, itchy discomfort started in her hands. She clutched her head, confused over what was happening to her. The jolting pain was agonizing. The force of it threw her to the ground, quivering as the impact of what was happening resonated through flesh and bone. Mucus and blood and pale smoke oozed from her splitting skin. A transparent, glistening lump of flesh formed, outlined jutting angular bones, and she was neither what she had been nor what she would be. The first spiky tufts of fur appeared. Hunger came as a surprise, an unexpected deep rumble in her belly. She could almost taste the hot blood she craved pumping down her throat.

Excerpt from SWAMP LEGACY

Kitty felt his strong animal heat and had no resistance. She let him approach, unable to help herself. She breathed him in, his heat and his scent, and felt his hardness shoving at her, making her aware of his need. Just for a moment, she caught a glimpse of his handsome face turned blurry with a mix of human and wolf, eyes the color of aged cognac. His lips touched hers, then the kiss deepened as his hand slid down her body. She felt boneless and stumbled backward. All she could see was his inner predator struggling to rise. She wasn't sure if he wanted sex or to eat her.



Kitty heard Creely come into the condo.  She slid into his arms, "I know what you want," she whispered against his lips. "Do you now?" he teased. "I want you to say it," she said, running her tongue across his lips. "Tell me you want me."

"Damn straight I do," he said. She'd been prepared, her naked body wrapped in a silk kimono. He unbuckled his belt, yanked down his zipper, and allowed her to shove his pants down to his thighs. 

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                         SWAMP RITES

                       SWAMP LEGACY

                  SWAMP INHERITANCE  New! 

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Will be doing a book signing at the small PX at Fort Lee military base Hopewell, Virginia, July 3-7 and July 18-21, 2019. Will be at the Exchange on July 25-28 and August 1-4, 2019, 9:00AM-5:30 PM. (Opens on Sunday at 10AM) Third book -Swamp Inheritance - is available for autographs and purchase, as well as the complete Swamp Series trilogy. Stop by and say hello!

Working hard on 4th book in the trilogy, trying to reestablish lost chapters when hard drive crashed.

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"These books just keep getting better! Swamp Inheritance is Judith's best read yet!"


Author Judith D. Howell

In Love With The Mystery Of The Lousiana Bayou


Judith was born in Houston, Texas. Her family moved to Baton Rouge when she was very small and she resided in Louisiana most of her life. A longtime resident of the New Orleans area, she moved to Virginia to be near family one week before Hurricane Katrina struck (fortunate, because the storm completely demolished her old house!)

Judith has written most of her life, publishing poetry and short stories in magazines like Cavalier, Nom de Plume, and Stitched Smile and various anthologies. Homesick for Louisiana, she married a love for the swampland with a dark creative impulse and started the Swamp Series in 2014.

Judith writes anywhere and everywhere, always with a pen and notebook near or in hand. She writes down everything that pops into her head. When she finds a fit for it in what she's writing, she transfers it to the story in the computer. 


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